We are a group of college students from Pembrokeshire going on an expedition to Costa Rica in the summer 2016. We are going there for 3 weeks, to volunteer and trek through this beautiful county.  However, theres a cost, it's £3277 per person and we need your help to get us there. But first, a bit about ourselves.

Sophie Vickress

Originally from rural Herefordshire in England, I spent all my time growing up in a small, community-orientated village, and rarely got the chance to get out and explore much further than the village borders. Although I am a country-bumpkin at heart, I want to take this opportunity to experience new cultures and gain independence whilst travelling. I think this expedition will give me the confidence to go on more adventures and develop my understanding of conservation. The Costa Rica experience will raise my awareness into what I can achieve by volunteering, both for myself and that I can accomplish for others. I think this will develop my knowledge and contribute to my studies, and maybe even my future career choices. This once-in-a-lifetime trip will mark the beginning of my endeavours and will provide a huge advantage for me to achieve my ambitions.


Rhian Blunsden

I'm studying biology chemistry and law at A level and want to go study midwifery at university! I'd love to go to Costa Rica as I want to go travelling after university and it would I be a country I could tick off my list..by going to Costa Rica I would be able to experience things that I would never be able to do like visiting a turtle sanctuary and hiking around mud baths and hot springs!


Tom Wilkinson-Dix

I was drawn to the opportunity of the Costa Rica trip by my love of the outdoors and climbing, I'm excited about the opportunity to explore a new country through it's landscapes and people. I'm hoping that this trip will allow me to grow as a person, and give me the skills and outlook to travel more confidently through life.



Daisy Hunt

Hi I'm Daisy and I am studying biology, chemistry, physics and environmental studies a levels. I play the piano and work as a lifeguard. In the Summer I volunteer at CBMWC helping to survey dolphins and raise awareness about wildlife. I want to go to Costa Rica as I would love to travel and feel that volunteering while doing it makes it really worthwhile. I am especially looking forward to volunteering with turtles.


Ellinor Larsson

Hi I’m Ellinor. I’m currently doing A levels at Pembrokeshire College. Although my passion is for Performing Arts, I’ve always loved the outdoors and the idea of traveling. When I heard of this amazing opportunity I was so thrilled and have been looking forward to this ever since. I think this will be wonderful because I will be able to experience this fantastic culture and beautiful country. I love being able to help other people and that's the icing on the cake for me.